RnFTissue Mills

Clients Required

-Creation of online identity.
-Website refinement
-Setting up business pages on all social media platforms.
-Social media marketing.
-Facilitated communication with external stakeholders using digital marketing tools.
-Drive sales through paid online advertisement.

Our Delivery

-Creation of marketing collateral.
-Register of social media accounts created.
-Monthly newsletter and weekly updates/promos using email marketing.
-Social media marketing.
-Content development (3 times a week).
-B2B targeted ads (Google).
-Brand awareness/ B2C targeted paid media ads (Facebook).
-Website refinement.
-Website maintenance.
-Monthly report showing the progress of services provided.
-Google analytics data analysis and interpretation.

The Results

-Feedback from clients has been positive regarding web refinement and especially regarding email marketing implementation.
-Facebook following escalated from 271 followers to 600 followers.
-Other social platforms are growing organically .
-Google ads give an average result of 10 000 impressions and 800 clicks.
-Facebook ads render an average of 150 000 impressions.
-Email marketing generates an average of 20% opened emails in comparison to the size of the database.