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Trends for 2022 - A Focus on E-commerce & Social Media

On the 16th of March, We streamed our first eCommerce webinar series 2022, with e-commerce expert Gour Lentell and CEO of Naz Consulting, Nazareen Ebrahim,  focusing on payment systems in e-commerce. The most reliable and accessible payment systems for e-commerce stores in 2022

E-commerce conversation continues: A focus on payment systems

Because of the increased usage of internet-based banking and shopping, a variety of e-commerce payment systems have emerged, and technology has been developed to increase, improve, and safeguard e-payment transactions.


AI Africa

A platform that has for primary goal to be the gateway of comprehensive understanding and research in the artificial intelligence domain based in the African continent.
Through the knowledge and expertise of various guests involved in technology, a rediscovery of artificial intelligence is given through an African lens. Our values, morals, and cultures are taken into consideration while defining the importance of artificial intelligence in the motherland continent.

Cape Talk

With an intuitive sense of communication acquired from the media industry backed with an acute knowledge of technology earned through years of experience in AI Ethics. A tech slot was attributed on Cape Talk to discuss and develop arising issues relevant to artificial intelligence and how these barriers can be turned into opportunities to develop the country in particular and the continent as a whole.

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