Snapchat wants to give you an Amazonian look into life

Snapchat yesterday announced their plans for partnering with Amazon to offer a shopping tool to their cohort of young users.

Saying that it will revolutionise shopping or e-commerce, Snap is slowly rolling out a new visual product search feature.

In their blog post to announce the partnership, they explained that, “Beginning this week, we’re testing a new way to search for products on Amazon right from the Snapchat camera. Simply point your Snapchat camera at a physical product or barcode, and press and hold on the camera screen to get started. Doing so calls up an Amazon link to the product or a similar one, which can be purchased through Amazon.




Snapchat with their 300 million young user base hope that this will bring some relief to investors who have been demanding an upward movement in their financials. The company has struggled to increase users and monetize activity on the platform.

While the pairing might be surprising, the increase in large social and ecommerce platform integrations signals a move towards collaborative efforts to further combine a user experience. The user demands a highly personalised, and intuitive experience of living in the world. Large technology companies are in the race to build the tightest collaborations to serve just that.

While visual search tools are available on phones already with the aid of a personal phone assistant like Google Assist, Siri and Bixby, social collaboration and e-commerce seem to have their own attraction.

It’s about gearing towards building a new behaviour: When people open their camera, you use the creative experience.

Bloomberg analysts asked the question: Are people going to use it to buy things? This in the face of Instagram already having a solid shopping tool, while Pinterest is introducing similar tools

The Amazon partnership could save Snapchat. Amazon provides affiliate revenue which could prove a major source of revenue for Snapchat.

Analysts have cited that revenue is wonky for Snapchat because stories disappear and they don’t collect data as strongly as Facebook and Google do.

In ongoing collaborations, Amazon may partner with Facebook for home devices.

Aside from saving Snapchat, is there a bigger vision for Amazon here? Getting people inside the Amazon ecosystem? Touching them wherever they are.

Helping them make a transaction, and for Amazon, Snapchat opens another horizon around them.


Is it really all about data?


The main thing that advertisers and social companies want to achieve is attribution.

Any activity that actually led to a purchase is a much stronger signal for a marketer than anything else that is measured for explaining the value of a product.

We’re about to see just how valuable Evan Spiegel can lead Snapchat to be, thorough an Amazon lens.

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